Another actress in the US is pregnant – Yuna Upreti is in her 25th weeks

Actress Yuna Upreti is expecting a child in about three months. She is currently 25 weeks pregnant.

Last time, it was Nisha Adhikari. Nisha had actually gone to the USA to give birth to the baby. Now, Nisha’s child is a US citizen. But, the case of Yuna is different. She has been living in the USA for the last four year.

Who is Yuna Upreti?

Nepali actress Yuna Upreti went to the USA in 2012. At that time she had obtained the visa to participate in the cultural programs held in the USA. At that time, Yuna was having an online affair with Bikash Adhikari, a PhD student in Texas at that time. She had made the preparation for the marriage before leaving Nepal. After they met and the marriage date was fixed and in about four months of the meeting they got married in the court.

Since then, Yuna has been living in the USA with her husband and his family. In the mean time, Bikash Adhikari has completed his PhD in bio-chemistry. That is the reason Yuna calls him Doc.

Yuna had worked as an actress in the film industry for about half a decade. She had acted in movies like Trishul, Farz, Pahilo Pahilo Maya, Lawaris and others. (watch Yuna’s moves here)

Sharing the news of her pregnancy, Yuna Upreti, wrote:

Yuna’s mother-in-law:


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Yuna’s husband, Bikash

Yuna’s husband is related to another Nepali actress, Jal Shah. They in turn are related to actress Sanchita Luitel and Nirmal Sharma. The mothers of Sanchita and Niramal are sisters of Jal Shah’s mother-in-law.

Congratulation to Yuna Upreti and Bikash Adhikari. I wish Yuna a very happy motherhood.

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