Anju Panta – How she became Christian from Hindu

Singer Anju Panta got an instant popularity in the Nepali music industry. That caused her a lot of different problems in terms of her relationship and other things. When she was undisputed queen of the singing industry – she got married to another singer Manoj Raj Siwakoti. When Anju became more popular than Manoj, their marriage got into trouble. She started drinking a lot. Drinking problem caused her to have even more problems. She wasn’t able to sing at times.

When there was trouble in her voice, she sought medical help. But, no doctors were able to cure her.

The reason she convert from Hindu to Christian religion

The following duet song is what happened to the couple:
(This video was recorded before their divorce, and her conversion)

It is believed that, changing her religion helped her to mature and stop drinking and taking life in a new life.

The choice of religion is a personal choice. I don’t believe religion to help anybody medically or any other ways. But, believing something can change a lot of things. Our body and thought process is highly governed by how we think of things. As long as they bring positive change, as long as they make you feel good about it. But, whatever religion you follow, always keep in mind that they are centuries old philosophy. Most of the things in every religion might be outdated in the current time. One should be aware to take only the cream part and ignore the things that don’t make much sense in the current time.

Disclaimer: I am a Hindu by birth and I have no plans of changing it. I am not a great fan of any religion. I believe they to be the political parties of the past. I don’t personally know any Nepali following Christianity or Muslim religion.

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