Anmol KC grows hair, inaugurates Being Human Nepal store

In a rare public appearance, Nepali actor Anmol KC was seen during the inauguration of Being Human Nepal store at Labim Mall. In the program Anmol KC was seen in a new looks as he has grown his hair long. Currently busy in the pre-production of his next movie ‘Kri’, he is reportedly taking dance and fight training.

Anmol is the only actor in the Nepali movie industry whose movies so far have been successful. He debuted in ‘Hostel’. The second movie ‘Jerry’ and the third movie ‘Dreams’ all were successful movies. In the last movie, ‘Gajalu’ Anmol was featured with Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha. The next movie ‘Kri’ will feature Anmol with a new actress, Aditi Budhathoki. It’s a coincidence that Anmol’s actress in all the movies were new entries in the Nepali movie industry. I had prepared a video report on this fact.

Why did Anmol KC go to Being Human store?

Anmol tries to keep himself away from the media and public. He hadn’t participated in a couple of film award ceremonies where he was awarded the popular actor award. In NFDC Film Award program held last week, Anmol was awarded the Jury Award. Although Anmol’s father, Bhuwan KC, was in the program, Anmol himself didn’t show up (Full report of NFDC Award 2016).

When asked why he decided to participate in the function, Anmol told that the owner of the store in Nepal is a close friend of his father, Bhuwan KC. He had participated in the program because his father had asked him to. In addition to Anmol, actor Sunil Thapa was also present in the program.

Being Human is a business by Bollywood actor Salman Khan. A part of the proceedings of the business goes to social causes.

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