Anmol KC sings a song in the USA

The second generation superstar of the Nepali film industry, Anmol KC, is currently in the USA. He has recently completed the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Kri’ and is enjoying his time with is family in the USA. Actor Sunil Thapa has shared a video of Anmol KC in which he playing a guitar and is singing a song.

Two families of Anmol KC

The son of superstar Bhuwan KC, Anmol KC, is the son of his second wife. With his first wife, Bijaya KC, Bhuwan had a son and a daughter. Bijaya lives with her children in the USA. Bhuwan had also named his production company after his daughter with Bijaya, Kajal KC.

After the relationship with Bijaya didn’t go well, Bhuwan married his second wife Sushmita KC. With Sushmita he has his third child, Anmol KC.

The marriage of Bhuwan’s daughter Kajal was a grand event held in Kathmandu. At that time it made headlines when ex-king Gynendra also attended the marriage ceremony held in 2011. (read more here) His son also got married in 2014, in the USA. Bhuwan KC had attended the marriage ceremony at that time. (Read the report)

Anmol and Bhuwan KC are currently living in Bijaya’s home in the USA and the video was recorded at the residence.

Anmol was awarded the best actor award for his role in ‘Gajalu’ at the Global Film Award.

Anmol New Looks

Anmol KC was in hiding in preparation of the shooting of his upcoming movie ‘Kri’. His different looks in the movie was a topic of talk in the film industry and among his fans. Now, after the completion of the shooting, Anmol, has changed his look back to normal. The long hair is trimmed and his ‘chocolate looks’ has returned back again.

In preparation of the movie, Anmol had grown hair and had built his body. He is seen in action avatar in the little preview the film production team has unveiled publicly. Most of the scenes and the looks is still a secret. I believe the new ‘normal looks’ of Anmol has also helped in the promotion of the movie.

video credit – Sunil Thapa

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