Bhuwan KC son getting married in the USA

The son of actor Bhuwan KC from his first wife, Bijaya KC, Vivek KC is getting married in the USA. Bhuwan is flying to the USA to attend the marriage ceremony to be held on July 4. Bhuwan’s first wife Bijaya has been living in the USA for a long time. Vivek KC is marrying another US resident girl, Natasha KC.

Bijaya and Bhuwan’s daughter Kajal KC was married in Nepal in 2011. The high profile marriage was attended by high level political leaders including the ex-king Gyanendra.  Bhuwan had named his production company Kajal Films after his daughter.

Bhuwan’s younger son, Anmol KC, is the son of his second wife Sushmita KC (Bomjom). In a latest rumor, Sushmita is also getting married to an Indian businessman while, Bhuwan is told to be in a look out for a new wife. Rumor of the relationship between Bhuwan and actress Jiya KC is also a hot topic in Nepali film industry.

Update: Photos of Vivek and Natasha.

Photo credit – Bhuwan KC and Kajal KC

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