Aryan Sigdel gets engaged to Sapana Bhandari

A sad news for the female fans of Aryan Sigdel – he is now engaged to his girlfriend Sapana Bhandari. Aryan and Sapana had been seeing each other for the last five years.

aryan sigdel and sapana bhandari engagement

The engagement ceremony of the heartthrob of a lot of Nepali girls, Aryan and Sapana was held in Siddhartha Foodland, Baneshowr, Kathmandu. Family members of Aryan and some Nepali film artists were present in the ceremony.

xnepali team would like to congratulate both Aryan and Sapan and wish a long lasting relationship between the sweet couple.

8 thoughts on “Aryan Sigdel gets engaged to Sapana Bhandari

  1. Omgg,,,this is nit gonna happen!!!
    This bitch …is not gonna get aryan!!
    Alright if you wanna engaged aryan then remmeebr one things your loosing fans!!!!

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