Aryan Sigdel child “Releasing in the New Year” sweet and cute photos of the belly

After 4 years of getting married, actor Aryan Sigdel and his wife are having their first child. The child is scheduled to deliver in the Nepali New Year 2076.

Aryan and his wife seem to be very excited on the coming of a new member in the family. Aryan shared an emotional photo collection showing the baby bump on his wife Sapana Bhandari.

In one of the photos, Aryan is showing a clapboard with the writing “Releasing The New Year 2076”. In another photo Aryan is sorting out baby clothes and in another he is seen kissing his wife’s belly and another with a surprise feeling when he listens to the baby inside. The photos are cute and interesting (attached below).

Aryan wrote in his Facebook profile:
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Aryan Sigdel wife to do a PhD?

Aryan Sigdel’s beautiful wife Sapana Bhandari has turned 28 years old. On every birthday she makes a resolution for the year. Last year, in her 27th birthday I made a video report about Sapana and her relationship with Aryan Sigdel.

I had prepared a video about Sapana last year, on her 26th birthday. The question I raised last year is still the same. This year, she has replied that they are planning for a baby. Which might be an indication that Sapana is not going to be an actress. In addition to that, Sapana has also told an online magazine that she might consider going for PhD. But, she hasn’t made a concrete plan for further studies yet.

A MBA graduate, Sapana is also planning to start something new (probably a business). The details of the plan is yet to be unveiled. Bhandari told that the details will be made public in near future.

Watch last year’s video:
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Aryan Sigdel Biography and movies of Aryan Sigdel

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Mousam, introduction of a Nepali Movie

Nepali actor Aryan Sigdel is currently the most popular actor in Nepali film industry. Aryan is known for natural acting. Aryan debuted in Rekha Thapa‘s movie ‘Kismat’ (watch Kismat) in 2007.

He has won the best actor awards in two recent award ceremonies – D Cine Awards and CG Kamana Film Awards and the National Film Awards. Aryan has recently married to his long-time girlfriend Sapana Bhandari.

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2014, the year of celebrity marriages

UPDATE on July 12 Five more marriages were held in July. We had talked about the three marriages at the end of this post. Two additional marriages include that of Sweta Bhattarai, Prakriti Shrestha. Mithila Sharma married Motilal Bohara in an un-announced event among close friends only. Sweta Khadka marries Shree Krishna Shrestha and Diya Maskey marries Anup Baral in public functions, Sweta Bhattarai marries Milan Sapkota secretly and  another unannounced marriage was that of Prakriti Shrestha and Sudeep Neupane.

UPDATE on June 27 Richa Singh Thakuri married to an Australian NRN, Gajendra Thapa, on Ashad 6 (June 20). The news about their marriage was released a few weeks earlier.

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It seems, the year 2014 is going to the year of celebrity marriages. It started with actress Bhawana Regmi marrying in January. The celebrity marriages, so far in 2014, are:

Bhawana Regmi marriage

The daughter of late director Shiva Regmi got married in January, a month after her father’s death. The marriage of ‘So Simple’ actress was a low profile marriage in family mourning the death of her father.

Shankar BC and Nisha Sunar marriage

We don’t know the exact date of this marriage between choreographer and dancer Shankar BC and singer Nisha Sunar. The couple shared their secret marriage photo in February 2014 right after Nisha went to USA. In the USA, Nisha also gave birth to a child within a month of the marriage announcement. Shankar has a family of his own in Nepal and it was the third marriage of Nisha.

The marriage doesn’t make much as Shankar is living in Nepal and Nisha living in USA. A month after the birth of the child, Nisha has started working in a restaurant in the USA.

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Aryan Sigdel marries Sapana Bhandari

After half-a-decade long affair, actor Aryan Sigdel finally got married to Sapana Bhandari in an event held on April 19. The marriage ceremony was held according to the traditional and cultural rituals. The engagement ceremony was held five months earlier.

(Biography of of Aryan Sigdel and the list of movies featuring Aryan Sigdel:)

A video clip of the marriage:

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Aryan Sigdel marrying, November Rain producer worried

Actor Aryan Sigdel and Sapana Bhandari are getting married  after five months of engagement. Although they had married officially in court few months ago, the traditional marriage ceremony is going to be held a week before the release of ‘November Rain’.

6 days after Aryan’s marriage on Baisakh 6, ‘November Rain’ is releasing on Baisakh 12. The marriage would certainly disappoint the female fans of the actor and it might have negative impact to the movie. In addition to that Aryan wouldn’t be able to devote much time for the promotion of the movie.

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Aryan Sigdel gets engaged to Sapana Bhandari

A sad news for the female fans of Aryan Sigdel – he is now engaged to his girlfriend Sapana Bhandari. Aryan and Sapana had been seeing each other for the last five years.

The engagement ceremony of the heartthrob of a lot of Nepali girls, Aryan and Sapana was held in Siddhartha Foodland, Baneshowr, Kathmandu. Family members of Aryan and some Nepali film artists were present in the ceremony.

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