Baburam Bhattarai, Mustang, Golcha and rumors

Mustang is the first and the only one vehicle assembled in Nepal. It is told that, most of the parts of the vehicle are imported from India and it is one of the cheapest vehicle available in Nepal.


Baburam’s choice of vehicle has been praised by everybody and this movie will surely skyrocket the sales of the vehicle in Nepal. If the producers can keep it’s reliability high enough, it will be successful in capturing the Nepali market.

There are others who think the move was only a publicity stunt of industrialist Mr. Hulas Chanda Golchha.

Within 2 days the sale of the Mustang skyrocketted to cl
ear all vehicles they were holding in stock. Now they are booked for over 500 more vehicles. Unconfirmed sources have confirmed a meeting between Hisila Yami and Surendra Golchha of the Golchha group at the Golchha mansion.

Mustang is cheap at Rs. 17 lakhs when compared to other cars sold in Nepal. But, some believe the price-tag is way high compared to the other cars that pay a 300% tax imposed on imported vehicles (In Nepal, so-called cheapest car, Nano costs 4 times the price in India).

As for me, I am still undecided on good or bad implication of Baburam Bhattarai using Mustang for his transportation needs.

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  1. 1st of all, heartly congratulation to our new respected Baburam bhattarai…I really appreciate to ur decision…we need like u patriot to develop our country Nepal…well done n wish u all the very very best of luck…..God Blessed U alwayssssss……

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