Ruby dared to show up in bikini, winning the the Best Dressed Miss Nepal USA

Who says bikini is no dress? It seems, the organizers of beauty contests in Nepal think it’s not a dress – hence, there aren’t any bikini rounds. Although there weren’t any bikini rounds in the beauty contest of Nepali beauties in the USA, the best dressed beauty was wearing one.

The judges found the bikini clad beauty Ruby Adhikari the best dressed beauty in the Miss Nepal USA 2011 beauty contest. Sujita Basnet was crowned the Miss Nepal USA 2011.

miss_nepal_usa_2011_Miss Best Dress Ruby Adhikari Best Dress Miss Nepal USA 2011, Ruby Adhikar

Ruby is a bold beauty who dares to be different from the crowd. The talented beauty, had also designed the winning dress herself.

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Baburam Bhattarai, Mustang, Golcha and rumors

Mustang is the first and the only one vehicle assembled in Nepal. It is told that, most of the parts of the vehicle are imported from India and it is one of the cheapest vehicle available in Nepal.

Baburam’s choice of vehicle has been praised by everybody and this movie will surely skyrocket the sales of the vehicle in Nepal. If the producers can keep it’s reliability high enough, it will be successful in capturing the Nepali market.

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