Bhairav Aryal, the best comedian in Nepal had such a miserable life

The comedy writer, Bhairav Aryal, is the only comedy essayist who is unique and the best literately figure in Nepal so far. But, it has been more than 40 years that we have lost him. Although he made everybody laugh, his life was miserable. It was so miserable that he had been planning to depart from the world for quite some time. He wrote numerous letters to his office, his father, his children and others about his plans. Nobody came to his rescue. May be it was because the medical community and the society wasn’t aware of depression or such mental illness.

It is really sad to loose one of the finest writer in such a young age. I have compiled his letters to present a 10 minute-long video and also read one of his essays in another video. The essay ‘Mapai’ a self-gratifying nature of human being is written in such a beautiful way that, one can’t imagine the writer being miserable.

Watch the video:

and the essay video:

I would like to read more of his essays if I get time. But, the essay above is a good example of who Bhairav Aryal was and how beautifully he could write.

Short biography:

Name – Bhairav Aryal
Date of birth – September 20, 1936
Place of birth – Kupondole, Lalitpur
Mother – Khem Kumari Aryal
Father – Homnath Aryal (used to work as an accountant in Nepal Police)
Wife – Shova Aryal (wedding in 1948, Bhairav was only 12 years old)
Children – 3 sons and 3 daughters
Education – MA in Nepali (1969) and courses in Sanskrit Literature
– Teacher in school in Pokhara & Kathmandu (1954-1958)
– Journalist (Haalkhabar)
– Journalist – full-time at the government newspaper, Gorkhapatra (1957)
– Rachana, literature magazine

In 1952, Bhairav Aryal published his first poem titled ‘Naya Jiwan’, in ‘Prativa’ magazine. What made him popular were satirical essays and poems. The first book by Bhairav was a poem compilation titled ‘Upaban’. First satirical essay book was titled ‘Kaukuti’ In 1965, ‘Jaya Bhudi’ was published, which is his most highly acclaimed literary work.

The most popular essays in the book are ‘Jaya Bholi’ and ‘Jaya Bhudi’.

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