Bhuwan KC and Sushmita had promised not to marry again, Bhuwan kept it, Sushmita broke it!

Although it is a personal choice of an individual whether to get married or not – we are still plagued with the male-dominated social feeling. When Bhuwan KC married the second time and is living with a third woman, it was considered a “normal”. The same thing by Sushmita is tagged ‘not-so-normal’ by the society.

After the divorce, Bhuwan KC and Sushmita KC had realized that the marriage-institution was ridiculous and promised not to marry again. That is the reason Bhuwan is delaying marrying Jiya KC. It seems, Jiya and Bhuwan have reached to an agreement to stay together without marrying.

In an interview last year, Sushmita had also told the same thing. But, there was a rumour of her marriage 4 years ago – with an Indian businessman (not sure if it was the same person she got engaged on September 9). It seems, Sushmita still wants the comfort of being married.

A report I made a while ago about Bhuwan KC’s “unmarried wife”. At that time, I was wondering why Bhuwan won’t even accept Jiya as his girlfriend. Now, it seems, he doesn’t want to give a name to the relationship.

The question is – will Jiya and Bhuwan be able to overcome the social and media pressure? Sushmita’s marriage will certainly start a debate on why Bhuwan KC hasn’t married Jiya KC.

According to an interview of Sushmita KC, Bhuwan is a very pocessive person. Although he wants freedom and is frequently in relationship with a lot of girls, he restricts his girlfriends of wives from seeing other people. He also doesn’t want his wife or girlfriends to act in movies. Sushmita remember, Bhuwan had asked her not to do the movie ‘Vijay Parajaya’ and he wouldn’t allow her to act in films.

In Karodpati, the actress who had signed to act in the movie couldn’t set aside the date for the shooting. Then, Sushmita got a chance to act in the film. Even after she was a successful actress, Bhuwan wouldn’t allow her to act in movies of outside banner.

It seems, Sushmita is true. As soon as Jiya KC started seeing Bhuwan KC, she also stopped acting in films. Although Bhuwan is making films, he hasn’t featured her in any of his films yet.

Photo credit – Bikash Karki

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