LG Award for the Flop Films and Flop actors

Bollywood actor Govinda was the main attraction, the Deputy President, Nanda Bahadur Pun, was the chief guest. The award ceremony was well organized. But, all the awards were distributed to flop films. The awards were distributed in such a manner that only the winners were invited in the program. Those who participated in the award ceremony were sure to get one of the awards.

Best Film – wasn’t best film at all
The best film of the year was ‘Timi Sanga’. That film was nowhere near best. People didn’t watch the film. It also got the Best Screenplay award too. It also got the Best Actor award. By the business the film did, it should have won the “Worst Film of the Year”.

Best Actor Award
Nazir Hussain for his role in ‘Timi Sanga’. Nazir wasn’t the lead actor of the movie. The lead actor was Akash Shrestha. Nazir was supporting actor. He should have won “Best Supporting Actor”, if any. The movie was one of the flop film of the year. The third film of actress Samragyee RL Shah, ‘Timi Sanga’

Best Actress Award
Neeta Dhungana won the award for her role in ‘Panchayat’. Neeta is a good actress, but, the film was another flop film.

Although film ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ was a hit film, the only award it got was the Popular Actress award for Priyanka Karki. There were other actresses who were more popular in the year.

Best Couple award was awarded to ‘Aishwarya’ – Ramesh Upreti and Deepika Prasai. ‘Aishwarya’ was a successful movie. But, they weren’t the best couple according to popularity.

‘Shatru Gate’ got Poster of the Year award and editor of the year award.
‘Kri’ got trailer of the year, action.

The lifetime achievement award was given to Kishor Rana – the debut director of the Best Film – ‘Timi Sanga’.

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