Anmol’s mother, Sushmita KC marrying an Australian businessman

There was a popular song of the past by Kumar Basnet:

“Chori Bhandaa Aama Taruni, Lipsitck powder le…”

The songs says that the mother looks younger than her daughter by the use of makeup. According to the latest news, the song needs to be modified a little bit:

“Chora Bhandaa Aama Taruni…”

That is because, the mother of the superstar of the Nepali film industry, Anmol KC, is getting married. Sushmita got engaged to Fiji born, Australian businessman Killan Swami on September 9, 2018 in an event held in Singapore. They are going to get married on the Valentine Day of 2019.

More details on the marriage is yet to come. There was a rumour about the relationship with an Indian businessman in 2014. It seems, she has taken more than four years to formally accept the marriage proposal of her boyfriend.

At the time when Bhuwan KC is openly courting Jiya KC and are reportedly living together in Bhuwan’s home, Sushmita’s marriage makes sense.

Relationship with her Bhuwan KC

The actress of the past and also a producer of Nepali films, Sushmita KC had divorced Anmol’s father Bhuwan KC in 2001. Right after the legal paper work, Bhuwna KC and Sushmita had actually gone to Bhuwan KC and lived together for a while.

Remembering the day, Sushmita once said, “We went to have a cup of coffee after divorce. After coffee, I left my mother at the coffee shop to go with Bhuwan.”

The in-and-out of the relationship went on for a while. Although Bhuwan wanted Sushmita to be his own, he wasn’t faithful to her. That was the reason they couldn’t get along.

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