Bikini pose of Miss Universe Nepal Nagma Shrestha (Hot Update)

UPDATE 2 (November 23) – Nagma has shared three hot photos of the swimsuit round at the Miss Universe 2017 contest. She looked confident and world-class in these photos. It was a very unlucky incident that she tripped over while exiting the stage. She regained control and walked immediately in the group. (Read the details of tripping)

The grand finale of the contest is scheduled for November 26. Every vote count for the success of Nagma. So, please vote for Nagma in the official website of Miss Universe. You can vote up to 10 points in a day and vote more points the next day. In Twitter posting #MissUniverse and #Nepal will also count towards vote.

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Update on 2017/11/22 Bikini round video in Miss Universe 2017. Nagma fell down while exiting the stage. But, she recovered instantly (see the video clip at the end of the following video). More details posted here.

The remaining part of the post was written on Nov 20, 2017

Sharing a bikini clad photo of herself, the first ever Nepal’s representative to the Miss World beauty contest, Nagma Shrestha, has given an important insight on being imperfect. Nagma is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. That is a very tall when compared to the average height of Nepali women. In a paper I read a while ago while researching about the minimum height requirement in Miss Nepal, I had found that the average height of a Nepali woman is less than 5 feet. I can imagine what it might have been in being a feet taller than an average Nepali women.

Nagma says that being unusually tall had caused problem to her in her life. She wrote, “I have been subject to body shaming all my life for being tall or say… taller than my peers!”

Being tall might be good thing in an beauty contest but, in school it is not as good. In an interview Nagma told that nobody wanted to be near her when they were taking group photographs.

Nagma adds, “Whatever size, shape, height or body type you are let me tell you one thing – everyone is imperfect and inevitably flawed! But, from my experience, my message to all – Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

In the end, Nagma says, “Be you, do you! You got this!”

Nagma is currently in Las Vagas, USA and is readying herself for the grand finale schedule to be held on November 26, 2017. She is one of the three new entries in the contest out of 93 total contestants this year.

Nagma was Top 10 at the Miss Earth 2012, third runner up of Miss World University and the winner of Best Tourism Video at the Miss Eco International.

Photo – Nagma in the national costume with Miss Laos – another debutant country in Miss Universe beauty contest.

Photo – Another hot bikini pose of Nagma

Photo – Hot photo of Nagma Shrstha

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