Bill Gates not the richest by a slim margin to Carlos Slim

Carlos_Slim This year’s Forbes Magazine’s Rich List is topped by Carlos Slim, a 70-year-old Mexican telecommunications mogul worth an estimated fortune of $53.5 billion. Last year’s richest person Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is placed in second position with an estimated fortune of $53 billion.

Gates was the richest person for some time until Warren Buffett, this year’s third richest person, stole the top spot off him in 2008. Gates had held the title of world’s richest 14 of the past 15 years.

Mukesh Ambani, worth $29 billion, is placed in 4th position. London’s richest resident, Lakshmi Mittal, worth $28.7 billion, is in the 5th position.

Two Indians in top 5 in this year’s list and a total of 49 billionaires in India shows the economic strength India is gaining in the global market. The number this year jumped to 49 from the last years 24 billionaires in India. India has 10 out of Asia’s top 25 richest persons.

This year, the number of billionaires increased by 218 as compared to last year – indicating the improvement in global economy.

  • Year 2010 – 1,011 billionaires
  • Year 2009 – 793 billionaires
  • Year 2008 – 1,125 billionaires

Mian Muhammad Mansha (#937) of Pakistan and Antti Herlin (#773) of Finland were the first billionaires to represent their country in the list this year.

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