Binita Baral’s love story

In an interview to an online news portal, Binita Baral talked about her crush, love affair, and break-up. She talked about her first one-sided love story and the second two-way love story. Now, she says that she is free and single (reads ‘available’).

First love story:

In Grade 8, while studying in Chitwan she had crush towards a guy. She was instantly attracted to the new guy in the school. Although she was frank and spoke with every other boys in the school, she felt weak and helpless when she was in front of that guy. Once, she wrote a love letter to the boy in a very formal way. It started with ‘Sir’ and had a subject line ‘let me fall in love’. But, the guy didn’t accept the love letter – he tore her love letter and threw away. Binita was very sad and started  crying. The one sided love story continued until she left the school after SLC (grade 10th).

Binita later found out that her first crush used to like her best friend, Sirjana. Now they are married and are living happily with a child in Australia.

Career in Kathmandu

After SLC, she went to Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, apart from study she started being busy in modeling and acting in music videos. New found work help her forget her first crush. At that time, she found another guy. She had a 4-year-long affair with a businessman living in a foreign country. When she started being very busy in her work, she couldn’t find time for her boyfriend. He had also become insecure and too much demanding. He would spy on her and would suggest not to work with certain people.


After the success of her movie ‘Chapali Height‘ Binita thought that the boyfriend has become a burden rather than a friend. If she let the boyfriend control her, she wouldn’t succeed. Then she had the last candlelight dinner with her boyfriend to end their relationship on mutual agreement.

Binita was rumored to have been close to a director, Sudarshan Thapa, some time ago and then she was also linked with the actor Sabin Shrestha. Binita however denies having any affairs now. She says, "I am totally free and single." Now, Binita has decided to get married to the guy found by her parents.

Although she is open to an arranged marriage, she doesn’t deny the possibility of having an affair, accidently.

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