Can't Himani pierce her bellybutton ?

When Kantipur published the following photo of Himani, people everywhere were talking about the pierced bellybutton of the former princess.


It was surprising to see pierced bellybutton on otherwise sober and traditional Saree clad 33 year-old former princess of Nepal but, one should also realize that it is a personal choice.

Himani’s husband former prince Paras Shah is also known to grow long hair. In a recent interview with Jana-astha (Telegraphnepal), Paras has openly admitted his past blunders and killing of musician Prabin Gurung.

To take advantage of the liquid political situation in Nepal former royal families are trying to prove that monarchy was better than the current political situation. One of the most beautiful and most effective member of royal family is Himani and they know the smile of Himani can do more than thousand of interviews of Paras.

So, in the recent time Himani has been seen in public places more than usual. Last time she was seen in traditional red dress of Teej festival in a program in Lazimpat.

More photos of Himani’s Dolkha tour are posted in our main page.

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