16-yr old Kusal KC and solar car – doucmentary

I wrote about the 16 year old kid who made a Solar Car with limited resources and budget in Baglung, western Nepal. Kushal was hailed by everybody and an insurance company General Insurance Co. Ltd. provided free insurance for him. The short documentary on Kushal and his attempts to build different things, was prepared by Motherland Nepal a California based organization.

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Itihaas Jitneharuka lagi (History for Winners)

Documentary – इतिहास जित्नेहरुको लागी (History for Winners)
ithias jitne haruko lagi

Directed and presented by Pranay Limbu based on Nepali Singers Kuber Rai and Dhiraj Rai.

An award-winning singer makes a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to make a comeback after being in musical hibernation for seven years. Itihaas Jitneharuka Laagi portrays the changes in the Nepali music scene, as represented by Kuber Rai and Dhiraj Rai. The two singers are a study in contrasts, with their diametrically opposing personalities and attitude towards music.

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5