Solar-Car-Kid got insurance

kusal KC The 16 year-old, Kusal KC, who made headline last week by constructing a solar car, all by himself, is being congratulated and is provided with an insurance by General Insurance Co. Ltd. Nepal.

In Nepal, a 16 year old kid is not authorized to get a driving license. One has to be at least 18 years old to drive a vehicle. I don’t know what the Rs. 600,000 car insurance and Rs. 200,000 accident insurance means to Kushal when he can’t drive (source – nayapatrika).

It is good to know that talent is being appreciated by people. He collected Rs. 15,000 during the car show last week. The District Development Committee has decided to give Rs. 50,000 to Kusal. All these helps will go to pay the loan he took while constructing the car. I hope more organizations and individuals will come forward to help and encourage the whizz kid.

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