Women on the Frontline – Nepal

Women on the Frontline – video documentary series on violence against women and girls is presented by Annie Lennox.

It is about a woman, Sushma, escaped from brothel she was sold, in India.
(Publishers: UNFPA, dev.tv, Austrian Development Cooperation, UNIFEM; Year of Release: 2008)

3 thoughts on “Women on the Frontline – Nepal

  1. chale bate bachana lai hame sabai ek jut vayar stop garnu par6 . ane yasto pape lai kada vanda kada kanun ko awosakt par6 .. tasai la abko sambedhan ma yo neyam lagu hos vaqndai mo kamala je thanks den6 .

  2. nepalese government is not properly a government.people in the leading position are too greedy and corrupted .poverty is main cause of trafficking.everywhere awareness classes should b started to reduce that trafficking of girls.criminal should b imprisioned as the law,traffickers are from access class;related to leading peoples either from any angle they are.so i request those people who are aware to reduce girls trafficking.

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