Celebrity kids in film industry – Suhani Thapa, Anmol KC, Kabita Manandahar, who next?

A lot of celebrity kids have entered the Nepali film industry. In a latest news, actress Jharana Thapa is introducing her daughter Suhana Thapa in her second directorial venture, ‘A Mero Hajur 3’. The movie will feature another celebrity son, Anmol KC. Both the parents of Anmol KC – Sushmita KC and Bhuwan KC are film artists. Video report about the Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh deal with Anmol KC:

A few weeks earlier another celebrity daughter, Kabita Manandhar, the daughter of actress Karishma Manandhar also announced her debut in Shiva Shrestha’s movie. The movie will also introduce Shiva Shrestha’s son, Shakti Shrestha, in the film industry. (Kabita’s debut in film indsutry)

Well known actress, Keki Adhikari, is also a celebrity daughter. Keki is the daughter of director Shiva Adhikari.

Jahanwi Basnet, the daughter of actor/director Jaya Kishan Basnet, is also struggling to establish herself in the film industry.

Ashma DC – Ashma DC is also struggling to establish herself as an actress. Her father is the manager of TV Filmy and film producer.

Apart from Anmol KC, active celebrity sons in the Nepali film industry include:

  • Salon Basnet, son of director Shovit Basnet.
  • Samyam Puri, son of director Narayan Puri
  • Gaurav Pahadi, son of actor Tika Pahadi.
  • Anubhav Regmi (child artist), son of actress Kabita Regmi

Some of the celebrity children have left the film industry after failure of impress the viewers.

  • Ragini Khadgi – Daughter of fight director Rajendra Khadgi has left the film industry.
  • Rista Basnet – Daughter of actress and hair dresser Bipana Basnet (nakkali Hisila Yami in Tito Satya) is not as active as she used to be.
  • Vickey Malla – the son of actress Mausami Malla left the film industry after his second film.
  • Anusha Thapa – actress Suvekshya Thapa’s daughter
  • Bhupen Chand – is the son of ex Prime Minister lokendra bahadur chand
  • Anna Sharma – ‘Jerryy’ and ‘Gangster Blues’ actress is the daughter of Rachana Gurung (Choreographer of Miss Nepal)
  • Arunima Lamsal, is the daughter of Bhabu Lamsal. Arunima has however left the Nepali film industry and is living in the USA these days.
  • Bhawana Regmi – Daughter of director Shiva Regmi also left the film industry when her debut film didn’t work.

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