17th years – Everything about the Royal Massacre (June 1, 2001)

An army staff at Narayanhiti Lal Bahadur Lamteri claimed that Crown Prince Dipendra was the one who was killed before everybody else in the June 1, 2001. Lamteri’s claim that Prince Paras brought a person wearing a Dipendra look-alike mask. But, whole account of Lamteri doesn’t seem convincing.  The official report of the government probe commission had accused Dipendra for the killing. The report in itself is unbeilable and unreliable.

Whoever did it, the royal family member was left with only the family of Gyanendra. Those who didn’t survive the night include:

  1. King Birendra
  2. Queen Aishswarya
  3. Prince Dipendra
  4. Prince Nirajan
  5. Princess Shruti
  6. Prince Dhirendra
  7. Princess Shanti
  8. Princess Sharadaa
  9. Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah
  10. Princess Jayanti

Even if the main accused, Dipendra, did the massacre – he is not to be solely responsible. There are people who might have brain-washed Dipendra or encouraged the event. Video report on what happened on that day:

Official account:

And this is suspicious:

Dr. Upendra Devkota told:

Love story of Dipendra and Devyani

According to Bibek Shah: he had met Dipendra when he was three years old and had worked there throughout Dipendra’s entire life. He said, as King Birendra and Queen Aiswarya were busy with state affairs, Dipendra was brought up by nannies and orderlies. He noticed that the little kid was deprived of parental love and didn’t have the privilege of meeting and playing with other children. Shah remembers Dipendra as being eccentric and stubborn.

As Dipendra grew older, he fell for Supriya Shah in grade seven. When the queen knew about his affection towards the girl, she wasn’t happy. The queen was not in favour of the relationship because of the family ties between Dipendrra and Supriya. Supriya is the grand-daughter of Queen Mother Ratna’s own sister. Queen-mother Ratna wasn’t worried about the relationship – so, King Birendra was indecisive on who to support – Ratna or Aiswarya.

Even after Dipendra met Devyani during his study at Eton, he continued his relationship with Supriya. He also had relationship with a Japanese girl he met at Eton. All these went on and Devyani won Dipendra’s heart by her charms. Supriya became mad at Dipendra when she knew about his relationship with Devyani.

Love story of Dipendra

It was when Dipendra was studying in England, he had a classmate called Charles. Charles’ father was Dipendra’s local guardian in England between 1987 and 1990. Around that time, Devyani also went to England to take a course. Devyani somehow met Charles’ sister Shelly, and their father became Devyani’s guardian too. That was how both Dipendra and Devyani had the same local guardian although they lived in different parts of England. Dipendra and Devyani first met each other at the house of Shelley and Charles.

Just out of their teens, Dipendra and Devyani were in their early 20’s. Dipendra was an interesting guy. Bibek Shah writes, when Dipendra met Devyani for the first time, he had told that she was fit to be the future queen of Nepal. The palace didn’t know about the relationship between Dipendra and Devyani until 1993 or 1994. Devyani’s parents were unaware of the relationship until 1995. On that year, after Devyani’s older sister Urvasi got married, they had sent a proposal to the palace about Devyani, without the knowledge of their relationship. But, the palace refused the marriage proposal saying that they were in no hurry.

Three short-listed future queens of Nepal to marry Dipendra with were – Garima Rana, Supriya Shah and Devyani Rana.

Garima Rana was popular for her educational achievements.

Devyani was the least favourable among the three in the royal family. But, Dipendra was more inclined towards Devyani. According to reports, Dipendra used to meet Devyani everyday. Dipendra aparently told Devyani about his family’s stance against their marriage.

Once Dipendra went to Bijay Bas with a bottle of poison and told Devyani that if she did not marry him, he would commit suicide. A year before the massacre, when he was training to be a parajumper, on the day of his first jump, Dipendra reportedly called Devyani and told her that he would only do it if she made breakfast for him. Devyani took his breakfast at the airport. Dipendra ate it and went for his jump. Devyani waited for Dipendra at the banks of the Manahara river where he was supposed to land.

Devyani Rana fled to India immediately after the royal massacre. On 22 February 2007, Devyani Rana married Kunwar Aishwarya Singh of Singrauli, the son of Brijendra Pal Singh and Veena Singh a royal from the erstwhile state of Singrauli and the grandson of Former Indian Human Resources Minister Arjun Singh, a royal from the erstwhile state of Churhat.

Event – Durbar Hatyakanda

Location – Narayanhity Royal Palace, Kathmandu, Nepal

Date – 19th Jestha 2058

Time – Around 21:00


Colt M16A2 rifle
H&K MP5K 9mm submachine gun
Franchi SPAS-12
shotgun Glock 19 9mm pistol

The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is the United States military select-fire adaptation of the AR-15 rifle. The rifle was adapted for semi-automatic, and full-automatic fire.

Heckler & Koch MP5 is a 9mm submachine gun of German design, used by gunman in royal massacre.

The Franchi SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun manufactured by Italian firearms company Franchi used by gunman in royal massacre.


Paras Shah, Gyanendra’s son
Himani Shah, Gyanendra’s daughter-in-law
Prerana Shah, Gyanendra’s Daughter
Princess Shova, King Birendra’s sister
Gorakh Shamsher, Princess Shruti’s husband
Princess Komal, Prince Gyanendra’s wife and former Queen
(Princess) Ketaki Chester, King Birendra’s cousin who had renounced her title.

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