Charity show of Dristikod in Kathmandu

A charity show of Tulsi Ghimire‘s movie ‘Dristikod was held in Jaya Nepal film hall, Kathmandu on April 4. The movie scheduled to release on April 19 is made on a story of people’s viewpoint on other people.


The film crew, film artists, students of Boeshowr High School were present in the charity show, organized by Shree Bhagawati Clup and Afanta Sewa Samaj.

A successful film maker of the past, Tulsi Ghimire, hasn’t been much successful in making popular movies these days. The upcoming movie ‘Dritikod’ is expected to uplift Tulsi’s reputation.

‘Dristikod’ features Kunal, Himani DC, Lalil Gole, Mamata Gajamer in main roles. The movie is jointly produced by Mamata Gajamer and Raju Dhami. It features the music of BB Anuragi, choreography of Dinesh Adhikari, action of Roshan Shrestha and is edited by Chandan Dutta.

On April 19 the movie will compete with two other big banner movies – ‘Hamesha’ and ‘Notebook’.

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