Rekha Thapa supports Sumina Ghimire on phone scandal

UPDATE: In response to this article, Rekha has stated that the statement wasn’t made on anybody’s support or protest.

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa has supported Sumina Ghimire and accused the journalists at onlinekhabar of creating such an environment. She accused journalists being irresponsible to the private lives of actresses and causing unnecessary tension.

rekha and sumina - phone scandal

In a page-long statement titled ‘We artists aren’t robots’, Rekha had quoted the incidents of the death of actress Shrisha Karki and actress Jesika Khadka (Jyoti Khadka). She also accused journalist of focusing on Namrata Shrestha on the case of the release of her sex video and not talking about the male involved in the video.

Read the full statement of Rekha in Nepali and comment:

In our take on the incident, we had suspected of Sumina going through a really bad time and it seems, the real reason behind the anger of the actress is more than the article the journalists have bee pointing to.

We believe, a more detailed investigation on the incident should be done before pointing finger to either the actress Sumina or the journalist Bijaya Awaj.

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