How to cheat in exam? Cheating skirt tricks

Don’t get the wrong message, it has nothing to do with sex (or such bodily parts!).

It is cheats hidden on the thigh. Boys do cheat and I don’t have any data to determine who are the better cheats in exams. Boys and girls alike, can cheat in normal ways but, girls have an unfair advantage of hiding cheats on their thigh and a male invigilator can’t even check there.


That is not all, nobody dares to check under their t-shirts either!


This is not a tutorial to teach you to cheat, but a fun way to tell girls can cheat by at least two more ways.

Photos sent by one of our readers, Prem Kumar Chaudhary.

A schoolgirl shows you how to cheat.

(a Apr 27, 2011 is added in this page)


Well, she is cheating for real and she is not teaching anybody. It is a naughty guy behind her who has taken the video of the whole incident. As nobody’s face is visible, the privacy is well protected. Watch the short video below:

Another update

Wannabe teachers set bad examples

(Mar 5, 2010)

These are temporary teachers taking exam to become permanent teachers!

You can see them discussing and copying others answers. What a team work!

But, would you want your kids taught by teachers who cheat in exams?

The photo above features candidates discussing during an exam in Janakpur exam center where they were also allowed to use mobile phone to assist them during the exam. (Photo courtesy: Sudesh Yadav, Nagariknews)

In another news, out of 687 applicants in Jajarkot, educational certificates of 573 applicants were found to be fake.

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