Precious jewellery, antiques found in safes

Two safes that were not opened on June 27 were opened on July 8 after keeping them under the protection of Nepal Army posted at the Basantapur Durbar Square for 11 days. Two “mysterious” safes were opened only after a committee formed under the Ministry of Culture (MoC) decided to unbolt them.
Three safes and a tank were found on June 27 during the renovation at Gaddi Baithak (kings’ living room) of the Hanuman Dhoka palace. One safe and a tank have been already opened on the same day.
The treasures found are gold jewellery used on antique idols of deities and sacred plates used while worshipping, five pairs of bows and arrows made of silver, eight gold masks of several Hindu gods and goddesses and wires and threads made of gold, bowls and glasses of silver and gold.
The team of representatives from the Department of Archaeology (DoA), the MoC, the Hanumandhoka Herchaha Adda, District Administration Office Kathmandu and people of Basantapur were present while opening.
The decision of giving this treasure’s ownership to which authority has not been made yet by the committee led by DoA Director General Bishnu Raj Karki. Karki said. “Until any decision is made, the property will be kept at the palace under the army’s security.”
The Guthi Sansthan, a government body that looks after all national religious affairs, has been claiming ownership of the treasure on the ground that the property is related to religion.

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