22 Dhara-sculptures in Balaju Park, Kathmandu

When I was a little, we used to go to Balaju Water Garde park to bath. The Balaju Water Garden is known for its 22 stone waterspouts (hiti) carved in the shape of sea-dragons. The artistically designed traditional taps 22 Dhara (means 22 tap in Nepali) were fed by the Nagarjun Hill watershed, located in about five-kilometer northwest of Kathmandu City. But, due to urbanization and higher water demand in the valley, the taps are empty these days.

Now, these are only the beautiful sculptures – that are of no use.

The park also houses religious shrines, fishponds, and a replica of the statue of Budha
nilkantha. The swimming pool located inside the park is one of the few swimming public pools in Kathmandu.

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