Children of God – Documentary

  • Winner – Best Documentary – Jeonju 2009 International Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Documentary – Japan, Korea, China Producers Forum
  • Official Selection – 2009 Hot Docs International Film Festival, Canada

Children of God explores the life of the children who live beside the Baghmati River in Nepal. The children rob the corpses for food and dive into the river to grab coins used as funeral offerings by the mourners.

The film exposes the social conditions of the suppressed Nepalese people through the plight of their children, where reverence for the old and dead far outweighs the care for the young and living. Experiencing their innocence and their hardship through songs, stories and heartbreaking living conditions, exposes the contradiction of the material world that rests upon perhaps the most spiritual culture on earth.

Children of God will remind you of scenes from Slumdog Millionaire and is reminiscent of Charcoal People released by Vanguard Cinema.

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22 thoughts on “Children of God – Documentary

  1. I am an Indian South African I just watched this movie and I am sitting here crying my heart out, those poor people, I really wish the film makes go back and do a follow up, the little girl stole my heart…

  2. I watched this doc 3years ago for the first time and have carried it with me in my thoughts of my everyday life since. For children to suffer and still strive for life and the light in the little girls eyes still shines…heart wrenching. Is there any follow up to this story. Where are the children in life now.. I will always wonder how she is.

  3. awwwww so cute children ………….<3 if i was at nepal i will give them alot money.when im gonna got to nepal if i found them i will give a 1100 money when i saw that movie i was crying so painfulllllllllllll:( :( :( :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. its really interesting and heart-feeling story .i never thought we have this kind of problems.
    when i watch this movie. Iam so stress. thanx
    for video and god bless all child of pasupathi.

  5. life is a gift of God.
    I was truly touched by the story.i was worried about this bro n sis.They are the star of this world.i love this movi n i respect too.
    So my request is that does anyone know how we find out where they are?And who r they today?where they live 2012?

  6. I was truly touched by this story. I was so enlightened by the little girl in this film. She is such a ray of light in a dark and twisted world. Does anyone know how we may find out where these children are today in 2011?

  7. hi i didnot feel intresting to watch this documentry cause here kids have to do this type of things to survive. Well what i say is our eyes must be blind because these products came from us, origined from us and thrown from us. What a psyco ppl we are , this became our profession to catch them in documentry and we feel when we show them to developed countries , we think we did great. Fact is they just moke over us that our own products have to do this types of things to survive and we r just moking over then. I dont think that slumdog millinore got oscar award, see there is a moke over them, ppl tease over them for their products. billion ppl watch and they think wow india is such a worst country where kids are eaten beaten like a commodities. whats there in slum dog millionare. After slumdog millionare given oscar , world ppl realised that how worst india country is thought it has so much developed. Dont moke yourself. funny. Amazing if we adopt at least one kid where would be that documentry today. its all nonsense. and the product of worst parents who knows to do sex only but dont know how to enjoy in life. fucking as hole, main thing is scarcity, lack of knowledge, but those who have knowledge at least they can adopt . how many kids there might be in Nepal. may be 20000, how many population in nepal and how many educated and wealthy ppl there are? too many. ppl give money, to organization for kids, this that its all nonsense . even one rupee is like a gold is that is utilized and the billion rupee is also like a heavy stone if that is misused. whatever lets go to orphan organization today and lets start adopting at least one kid from there who are small or 5 y old kids then make your son. husband is wife is made to enjoy i think, they are made to do lots of lots of sex and enjoy not to cry. there is enjoy plus greatest thing in adoption. bye

  8. I am also Nepali i am born in Nepal i am Bhutanese refuge we all are like that small boy. The Bhutanese government is very bad.

  9. hi thank you so much for uploding painful,heart touching, sad and true life story. This is awesome movie about poor people i wish i could help them. This is a very very nice movie. I cry from beginning to the end. thanks again.

    • Hey u sabitra if you don’t know about the real life then just try to learn it by watching it carefully.
      May be you will understand it and feel sorry for them.
      This is the real story of the poor people.

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