Curious Case of Bomjom – So called god was behind the death of his own sister

UPDATE – Bomjon’s mother had gone to the police to help rescue her daughter, Bomjon’s younger sister, Ranjita Bomjon, when he abducted her. The following photo was published in a local daily ‘Prateek Daily’.

And another story published in

The Buddha Boy made news in international media when the news of his meditation spread like a fire in 2005-06. After that he has been making news in more negative than positive ones. Ram Bahadur Bomjon has renamed himself a difficult name and had conducted a Maitri Convention in Lalitpur. I prepared a video introduction of the self-claimed God (attached below).

Being God is not easy. And, Gods punish the bad people. May be that is what is doing by punishing people – kidnapping and beating and even killing his own sibling. According to a report published in Setopati, he was the cause of the death of his elder sister. He has also punished a guy in the forest area where he lives. According to the source quoted by Setopati, the guy is fighting for his life.

Bomjon and his followers keep their residence in a tight security surveillance. Nobody knows what happens in side the area inside a huge forest.

I have collected the news snippets from the past about some of the interesting events in the following video:

The events covered in the vide include:

  • The incident of punishment at Halkhoria – including his own sister.
  • About the incident when Bomjon was found carrying a sword (video clip included)
  • Video of Bomjom telling why he beat the local in the incident when 5 people were injured
  • Video about the road blockade by his supporters and clash with locals
  • Incident involving Slovak woman, Marici Zsuzsanna Takacs, and her explanation of what had happened.
  • Some clips of Bomjom’s address

I will update this blog post with the things not mentioned in the video. Please subscribe the blog for the updates.

Photo of Bomjon meeting the prime of that time, Sushil Koirla

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