Mysterious “Buddha Boy” Ram Bahadur Bomjan

Ram Bahadur Bomjam (Palden Dorje), 18, known as ‘Buddha Boy’ made news all around the world when he meditated motionless for months without water, food or sleep under a tree in a remote village of Nepal. Local and international scientists unsuccessfully tried to explain his unique meditation technique.

For the second time he made international headlines when he reappeared in the second week of November. It is told that he has resumed his mediation in unknown place late Friday, November 21, after blessing thousands of devotees for the last 10 days.

Some believe he is reincarnation of Buddha and others including the president of the Nepal Buddhist Council don’t think he can be a Buddha only by meditating. Buddha needs life experience and the young man doesn’t have it.

But still he is something not to be taken lightly. He has done something everybody else think is impossible. He did stay under a tree for months and nobody could question his credibility. National Geographic team filmed him for at least 10 days and they couldn’t find him taking food or water. Science can’t explain how he could survive that long without water. The teenager staying still for months in itself is strange. It is another thing that he was not allowed any medical tests to testify his genuineness.

He started his meditation on May 16, 2005 and he disappeared all of sudden on March 11, 2006. He reappeared on December 26 and left again on 8th March 2007. Nepali police found him on March 26, 2007, mediating in a bunker-like seven feet ditch prepared on his request. On 2 August 2007 Bomjan addressed a large crowd in Hallori jungle in Bara district of southern Nepal.

On his second biggest appearance this month he blessed thousands of devotees and addressed them. Some questions however still remain unanswered:

  • Should we believe in reincarnation?
  • Can people live without food and water for long time and still remain healthy?
  • Does mediation makes you a Buddha?

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For further reference: here is a collection of videos of the guy in this page. You can see some documentaries and his address in Nepali language in the page. Photos of his months long mediation can be seen here. Various news can be searched in Google by names Ram Bomjom, Bomjon, Bomjan, Bomjam…. and so on.

The guy did mediation for months under a Pipal tree.

He reappeared in second half of Nov. 2008 to bless his devotees and went in hiding again for more mediation.

Ram Bahadur Bomjom

31 thoughts on “Mysterious “Buddha Boy” Ram Bahadur Bomjan

  1. i was littlebit surprised when i heard that ram bahadur bomjam beat 17 people.ram bahadur is a follower of buddha but buddha hasnt told to quarrel with anyome.

  2. Whether there is life after death or no,that is beyond our knowledge.We only learned from the books and bible or quran.We dont know it for sure,what we should do is to be beneficial to the human race and the universe.Spead love and help heal the world.No discriminates,no judging or hates and everybody is equal.

  3. Ram is not claiming to be budda or god or anything else. Its what people are saying about him Leave him alone and let him do what he is doing.. At least he is doing something positive. What do most lads do at his age. Sex, drugs, booze and violence. This is classed as the norn all over the world. Does this make it right. No it doesnt. Ram is special. He is unselfish. People who are judging him are either jelous or very shallow and un awakened. I have great respect for him,also for what he is doing to stop animal sacrifice. This practice is sick and unessessery. Animals are sentient being too and dont deserve to suffer and die in this way. And no i dont eat meat. Ive not eaten any flesh for 25 years. Ram you have my upmost respect and love.

  4. i think hes trying to make an amazing accomplishment… i know nothing about his religion or anything like that even if it is a “hoax” its amazing he can sit that still no movement at all

  5. whatever you feel about this matter is who who you are. nothing to do with buddha boy. who you think he is is what you have inside you. the belief is not important here. so when you are sarcastic about the matter you just feel that you are a sarcatic person with some one elses opinion. who you are truly can be influenced by many factors but mainly the mistake make by many is to think what others think not you yourself. to be open minded and believe in your true self and discover your true self is the real thing. if you find it difficult and b ring out anger and jealousy and disbelief , just shows you that it´s not easy so just dont give up. find the peace in your mind which ever way is the best for you which concentrates in the life´s most unanswerd questions. there must always be a reason . not just an illusion or adaptation or a reality into your own reality. to understand a reality is mostly mistaken to a version reality where you make up your own version from it , not the truth. it´s a lie that when accepted brings a lot of wrong views. I´m not anything and I can think positive that my nothing is better than a very full confused mind. may peace be wth all of you shanti kunchok

  6. He just sits there meditating, going his way, no matter with or without food, there are others as well actually, and there have been in the past some that did it as well, there are even nutrition plans on how to get there (Chinese Xisuiyijinjing original text). So why not? What moves me, is that he goes for what he finds right, he just walks the walk, whereas we here mainly do some very childish talk. Cheers and wish you all the perseverance to go through with whatever you wanna do.

  7. I nearly died of Hodgkins lymphoma when I was 6. I fell into a coma for 5 days, the doctors awaiting my demise. I crossed eternal darkness only to find a light in the dark, like a star. I followed the star untill it engulfed me, and i became ONE with everything. It was pure light, creation before its created. I was everything, and everything was me. This is the same for the life we live. I am you, you are me, we are all we see. Anything is possible if you beleive in it with all your being. This boy being real or not, doesnt matter, we are simply to exist and experience until the body “dies”. (death isnt real either folks, its only transition back to the source, to do it all over again)”Do not search for GOD, GOD is a given, instead just want more in every positive way” james E eldridge.

  8. It is important to realize that this boy isn’t claiming anything. It is others who are making claims for him. They are saying he is the reincarnation of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. They claim he does not eat food or drink water. Ram Bomjam has made no such claims. Quite to the contrary, he has categorically stated he is not the Buddha. All he has stated is his intention to sit in meditation until he reaches Nirvanna…. the Buddha-Hood of enlightenment. The only observable event of any importance is his meditative practice. Thus far, it has been documented (by National Geographic) that his sitting meditation practice goes beyond the ordinary level of human endurance.. 96 hours with no visible movement. This is not a circus trick. There is no smoke or mirrors here… “nothing up the sleeve.” This is an extraordinary human achievement that is enhanced by the boy’s young age.

    Many of the posted comments are from those who simply have no frame of reference to understand such a phenomenon. Intellectual discrimination based on personal experience, or lack thereof, is a good quality. Prejudice based on fear of the unknown and cultural ignorance is not. Those who speak in a derogatory manner of these events are completely missing the point. This boy is able to sit in transcendent meditation for days on end. I would put it to the skeptics and critics to see if they could sit for even one hour without moving their body… without scratching an itch,,, without clearing the throat… just one hour. If you are able to do that, then you will have some idea of Ram Bomjam’s remarkable accomplishment… then you will be in a position to voice an intelligent opinion.

  9. The Buddha BoY is a special soul. He is in search of something which no word nor any language can explain it. But in fact, he is in the search of the Enlightenment. He need a safe place to meditate for some time until he finds what he looking for. So, when the time is ready he will reveal his new experience of Enlightenment I mean his spiritual journey toward the Beloved One God and share his experience with other faitfull brothers toward Enlightenment. Please people don’t think about him in negative way which you know not about him and please pray for him to reach his destination.


  10. For those who are clueless.. There is a “soul”, it DOES continue on after the death of our shells. It HAS been proven many times. There is more to life than what science says. As for this teen being Buddha, I can’t make any comments. He definitely has a good meditation technique that I’d like to learn but that is all I can say.

  11. He’s for real, he is the one who has come to freak out the New World Order, the IMF, the CIA, the UN, the
    Queen and her Royal bloodthirsty family and friends, the Rothschilds etc, and
    all the criminal Banksters of the world. While the “Anti-Christ” is being prepared by them right now in England – the
    youthful “Christ” is in Nepal being prepared for the fight of the millenium. Who’s side will you be on?

  12. i’d expect a god to do more than just sit still… like solve global problems… or reincarnate dinosaurs and wrestle them, that’d be awesome too

  13. So, when you die, that’s it? Have you ever wondered how you came to be in the first place? Why would you think this is the only time you’ll ever be alive? I know, it’s because if you only live once and there is nothing after death, that gives you justification to do whatever you want. It’s ok, you don’t have to admit it. You’d just find some other way to justify your actions anyway.

  14. First of all the dude looks like a burnout. Second of all what happened to all those hari krishnas that were always chanting at the airports, while their spiritual leader Sum Dung Goon was riding around in fancy cars and shat?

  15. What the article doesn’t tell is that at night a screen was erected around him so that no one could see him. Didn’t eat or drink, yeah okay.

  16. when you die, you die, that’s pretty obvious. The ‘soul’ is just a combination of atoms that forms a brain, which forms thoughts. Once the brain dies, the ‘soul’ (i.e. thoughts) dies too. But there’s something odd here nevertheless with this non hungry buddhist weirdo.

  17. he cant be buddha….he got enlightend..he cant get reborn…”what happens to the flame when the candle is blown out” well buddha is that flame…(the guy did exist historicaly as siddatha gutama)…ok im done *poof*

    xFruitbat the awsomex

  18. Great claims require great proof. How can someone be the same person as another who is dead? Let’s get real here; when you’re dead, that’s it.

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