Nepali Movie – Subba Sab (Jiwan Luetil, Barsha Siwakoti) UPDATE

*Updated on April 5.*

Nepali Movie – Subba Sab
Starring – Jiwan Luetil, Gauri Malla, Barsha Siwakoti, Mahima Silwal, Saroj Khanal etc.
Director – Raju Adhikari

About ‘Subba Sab’

A movie by Asutosh Films Production ‘Subba Sab’ is a presentation of Subha Sachhama Music by Hira Mani Neupane. The story writer of the story Hira Mani Neupane is also the music composer of the songs. Dipak Adhikari is the assistant director, lyrics by Sharmila Neupane, dance by Kamal Rai and Govid Prabhat, cinematographer is Pawan Gautam. Playback singers in the movie are Anju Panta, Milan Amatya, Sanjay Tamruk, Sanjog Yogi, and Devid. The government ranking of the movie is – ‘U’ suitalbe for any type of viewers.

The movie ‘Subba Saab’ was released in the last Dashain, with another movie ‘Kismat 2’.

Watch ‘Subba Sab’

Credit – OSR digital

Star Cast of ‘Subba Saab’

The movie features well known actors like Jiwan Luetil and Barsha Siwakoti in leading role Saroj Khanal and Gauri Malla are the main attractions in the movie. Hot actress Mahima Silwal is also featured in the movie. Other artists include in the movie are Ram Chandra Adhikari, Surbir Pandit, Dipak Dhakal and Arjun Gautam.

Jiwan Luitel is known as a multi-talented actor in Nepali movie industry. In addition to being an actor, Jiwan is also a poet with a poem collection books published under his credits. Barsha Siwakoti is a new actress with a number of successful movies in her credit. After debuting in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’, Barsha was also featured in ‘Pashupati Prasad’ both hit movies. Saroj Khanal and Gauri Malla both are US-return actors – in their attempt to get back into the movie industry. The hot actress Mahima Silwal is well known for her hot appearance and controversial statements in her interviews. Although popular, Silwal is yet to make an impression as a credible actress.

Poster of ‘Subba Saab’

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