Cybersansar’s Kasaju brothers arrested

The operators of the largest modeling website in Nepal, were arrested on copyright infringement charges. Apart from, they were operating, a membership website to distribute high quality movies.

The police has confirmed the arrest of Abhinav Kasaju and Dipankar Kasaju, the owner brothers on copyright infringement charges.

The website, was selling thousand of HD and 3D movies illegally. According to Nagariknews (the website has deleted the page), the membership charge for the site ranged were Rs. 15,000 for 176 movies or Rs. 25, 000 to buy 333 movies. They had a pre-paid card system to purchase a few movies. A HD movie used to cost Rs. 100 and a 3D movie used to cost Rs. 200. The site owners acquired the movies through illegal torrent sites. It was reported that the site had a library of more than 1300 such movies.

Nagariknews journalists has recorded the following video in which Abhinav Kasaju talks about how the movie could be purchased and watch by using their own, HDNepal branded spectacles. (photo, video and news credits-Nagariknews)

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