taken offline after Kasaju brothers were arrested

cs-arrestedAfter the arrest of Kasaju brothers, the owner of the largest modeling site in Nepal, was taken offline. Although the arrest has nothing to do with, the site was taken offline along with their another site

The arrest can be considered the largest operation of against internet crime in Nepal.

Although the arrest is justified, the role of Kasaju brothers in establishing and promoting internet based modeling for more than a decade should also be appreciated.

Cybersansar’s Kasaju brothers arrested

The operators of the largest modeling website in Nepal, were arrested on copyright infringement charges. Apart from, they were operating, a membership website to distribute high quality movies.

The police has confirmed the arrest of Abhinav Kasaju and Dipankar Kasaju, the owner brothers on copyright infringement charges.

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Himani Shah, Former Crown Princess – Photo profile

Former Crown Princess Himani Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah of Nepal was born in October 1, 1976 in Kathmandu. Himani is the wife of the former crown prince Paras Shah and daughter-in-law of ousted king Gyanendra Shah.

A Surya Vanshi – Shekhawat Rajput, Himani, is from the royal family of Sikar state in Rajasthan, India. Himini is the daughter of Raja Vikram Singh and Rani Bipula Singh.

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