Will HDNepal.com face the Kasaju brother's fate?

hdnepal-com-contact-3Arrest of Kasaju brothers on the charges of distributing movies illegally in Nepal has raised some issues previously considered off-limits in Nepalese contest. It is believed that Nepali people can’t afford to purchase Hollywood movies legally and the only way they can watch is by illegal means. After the arrest of the owners of cybersansar.com and givemehd.com, the sites are now offline and people operating similar businesses are reconsidering their business practices.

While searching, I found a similar site, offering similar movies and designed by the same company owned by Kasaju brothers. The website hdnepal.com, is still online and it also has similar information and services to that of givemehd.com. According to the site, the service is provided by Lokesh Oli and the physical office is located in Babar Mahal, kathmandu.

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Cybersansar.com taken offline after Kasaju brothers were arrested

After the arrest of Kasaju brothers, the owner of the largest modeling site in Nepal, cybersansar.com was taken offline. Although the arrest has nothing to do with cybersansar.com, the site was taken offline along with their another site givemehd.com.

The arrest can be considered the largest operation of against internet crime in Nepal.

Although the arrest is justified, the role of Kasaju brothers in establishing Cybersansar.com and promoting internet based modeling for more than a decade should also be appreciated.

Cybersansar’s Kasaju brothers arrested

The operators of the largest modeling website in Nepal, cybersansar.com were arrested on copyright infringement charges. Apart from cybersansar.com, they were operating givemehd.com, a membership website to distribute high quality movies.

The police has confirmed the arrest of Abhinav Kasaju and Dipankar Kasaju, the owner brothers on copyright infringement charges.

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