Deep Shrestha Sanjh 2067 – for water in Dharan

deep_shrestha_sanjh_bannerDeep Shrestha Sanjh-2067 was held successfully held today (June 20, 2010) at Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaladi  in which, the veteran singer Deep Shrestha sang his popular musical scores. The event was organized by the Dharan Sarokar Samaj to raise fund to address the drinking water problem in Dharan.

“When I was in Dharan, there were not many houses. Water sources had not dried up,” said Deep Shrestha, remembering his old days in Dharan, adding, “The same Dharan is reeling under acute shortage of drinking water at present.”

According to Dharan Sarokar Samaj, Dharan needs about 20 million liters of water daily but the supply is only 15 million liters a day in the rainy season and 10 million litres in the dry season.

Spokesperson of Dharan Sarokar Samaj, Dambar Krishna Shrestha, said that the organization had been asking the government  to think about the long-term project of bringing water from Koshi but the government agency had been neglecting the project.

“We are organizing a concert to collect the ‘seed money’ to commence the project,” Dambar added, before the concert, “We expect to raise Rs. 1 million from the campaign.”

Deep sang two dozens of his hit numbers including ‘Ma Pathar Ko Devata Hoina (I am not a stone-idol), ‘Kati Kamjor Rahecha Bhagya (How weak is my fate), etc.  His wife Sophiya Gurung, mother-in-law Sarala Gurung and daughter Drishti also joined in some of his songs.

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