Premier of Jholey held in Dharan, Priyanka witnesses an ‘amazing response’

A red carpet charity premiere of upcoming movie ‘Jholey’ was held in Dharan. ‘Jholey’ actors Priyanka Karki and Dayahang Rai were in Dharan for the promotion of the movie and to participate in the premier show.

After the premier, Priyanka told that the turnover of the viewers was huge and the response was ‘amazing’. Priyanka said, “People were laughing and laughing and laughing!”

The charity show was organized by Nepal’s Most Desirable. ‘Jholey’ is directed by Dipendra K Khanal and is scheduled to release on Falgun 9.

Actor Dayahang arrived at the promotion of the movie in Dharn amidst the mourning the death of his father.

Priyanka was with her grandmother to watch the movie. She looked great in cream colored gown.

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Budha Subba Temple – Dharan, Bijayapur

Budha Subba Temple is one of the most popular destination of Dharan and Eastern Nepal. The religious place is the location of the tomb of the last Limbu King of Morang, Buddhi Karnaraya Khebang. The King of Morang was tricked by the people representing king Prithvi Narayan Shah to come to Bijaypur – Dharan for a negotiation and was killed there.

The Limbu king’s soul was believed to have wandered around Bijaypur area, where his tomb is located. The  local Limbu people believe the spirit was friendly and helpful spirit. They started worshipping the soul of the king believing it to be b
ring good luck to the devotee. In Limbu language, Subha or Hang means King.

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Deep Shrestha Sanjh 2067 – for water in Dharan

Deep Shrestha Sanjh-2067 was held successfully held today (June 20, 2010) at Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaladi  in which, the veteran singer Deep Shrestha sang his popular musical scores. The event was organized by the Dharan Sarokar Samaj to raise fund to address the drinking water problem in Dharan.

“When I was in Dharan, there were not many houses. Water sources had not dried up,” said Deep Shrestha, remembering his old days in Dharan, adding, “The same Dharan is reeling under acute shortage of drinking water at present.”

According to Dharan Sarokar Samaj, Dharan needs about 20 million liters of water daily but the supply is only 15 million liters a day in the rainy season and 10 million litres in the dry season.

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