Deepak Raj Giri answers on the accusation on the death of the Chhaka Panja piracy suspect

After being accused and arrested by the police, one of the four suspects, Krishna Subedi, was released on bail. But, he later committed suicide accusing it being a murder. In social network, Deepak Raj Giri was accused of being the cause of death. In response, Deepak Raj Giri, has asked the police to do an investigation and find the truth and has asked everybody to believe that he is innocent. A video report on what Deepak had to say:

This response from Deepak came after a writing believed to be Krishna’s suicide note was released online. The letter believed to be written by Krishna Subedi stays:

This is not a death, it is a murder. It has been about a week I have been receiving death threats. Mother, father, brother and sister please forgive me. Please give the one lakh to my mother. ATM code is … Suspecting this might be the outcome, I had written this note in advance.

In response, Deepak Raj Giri has told that, he is currently in Europe and doesn’t have Krishna’s phone number to contact him in anyways. He claims that the only time he talked to Subedi was when he was in the police station. Deepak had told all the four suspects about the dangers of piracy and had told the police to release them as they hadn’t distributed the movie for money.

The family of Krishna however have accused the ‘Chhaka Panja’ team for the harassment that forced him to take the extreme action.

After the piracy of the movie, the movie was released online. Watch ‘Chhaka Panja’ here.

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