Deepak Raj Giri questions violence against women at Firke trailer launch

The Richa Sharma – Chhakka Panja scandal has attained a new height after actress Priyanka Karki apologized but Deepak Raj Giri continues to attack so-called female activists like Richa Sharma. In the ‘Firke’ event held in Kathmandu to release the trailer, Deepak made his views in the issue in the public function. It is an coincidence that actress Richa Sharma is the leading actress in the movie.

Deepak told, “We are in film business and film religion. No films are loved by everybody. People can have their negative or positive views.” He also added, “Earning a lot of money doesn’t prove that the movie is good.”

About the framework of a movie, Deepak told that the movie shows bad things of the society in the beginning and the bad things are corrected as the story progresses. He added, “I don’t know if pouring beer on a woman falls under female dominance or not. But, there are movies that show such scenes.” He told that the movie ‘Chhakka Panja’ is not against womenkind. To show the bad things of the society, you have to make somebody victim in the movie. The artists who plays the role is not abused for real.

About ‘Firke’

Produced by Iku, Suleman Shanakar, the movie is going to release on Push 21. The comedy genre movie features Suleman Shankar, Arpan Thapa, Richa Sharma, Kristina Poudel, Bishnu Sapkota and others in main roles. The movie is directed by comedy actor Rabi Dangol. Popularly known as “Kya Beman”, Dangol has been a comedy actor for the last 27 years. He however is not featured as an actor in the movie. The movie is made on the story of a youth who has moved from a village to the city.

The story of the movie is written by Abimanyu Nirabi, action of Asta Maharjan, editing of Mitra D Gurung, cinematography of Ramkumar KC and produced by Omlal Gurung and Rajesh Shrestha.

Watch the comedy film’s trailer to know more about the movie:

A couple of video related to the scandal:

and a comedy :

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