Nepali Movie – Kamina (New release, full movie)

Nepali Movie – Kamina
Starring – Narayan Ghimire, Mahima Silwal, Bikram Chhetri etc.
Director – Rishi Neupane

About ‘Kamina’

This movie is produced by Madhu Chhetri under AB Films banner and is directed by Rishi Neupane. The movie features cinematography of Rabi Koirala, action of Pradeep Khadka, choreography by Hari Wagle and editing of Kiran Adhikari. Hot actress Mahima Silwal is featured opposite to Nayan Ghimire in leading roles in the movie.

The movie was released in July of 2017 (Read Friday Release news of the movie). The movie however wasn’t much successful commercially.

Full movie is not available now. Watch the trailer of the movie until the full movie is available online:
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Deepak Raj Giri questions violence against women at Firke trailer launch

The Richa Sharma – Chhakka Panja scandal has attained a new height after actress Priyanka Karki apologized but Deepak Raj Giri continues to attack so-called female activists like Richa Sharma. In the ‘Firke’ event held in Kathmandu to release the trailer, Deepak made his views in the issue in the public function. It is an coincidence that actress Richa Sharma is the leading actress in the movie.

Deepak told, “We are in film business and film religion. No films are loved by everybody. People can have their negative or positive views.” He also added, “Earning a lot of money doesn’t prove that the movie is good.”

About the framework of a movie, Deepak told that the movie shows bad things of the society in the beginning and the bad things are corrected as the story progresses. He added, “I don’t know if pouring beer on a woman falls under female dominance or not. But, there are movies that show such scenes.” He told that the movie ‘Chhakka Panja’ is not against womenkind. To show the bad things of the society, you have to make somebody victim in the movie. The artists who plays the role is not abused for real.
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