Dilip Rayamajhi, Sagun Shahi and Sujana Dhakal to be featured in Nalapani

Actor Dilip Rayamajhi is told to be returning back to Nepal from the USA to act in upcoming movie ‘Nalapani’. The movie is scheduled to start the shooting on September 9 (Bhadra 23). Dilip had recently headed to the USA after receiving the permanent resident status, Green Card. Although there are rumors that he won’t return back to Nepal, he has insisted that he would continue to act in Nepali movies.

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In addition to Dilip, actress Sagun Shahi and actress Suzana Dhakal are going to be featured in a historical. The movie to be made on the war of Nalapani against British colonial power has been one of the bravest war Nepali had fought in the history. The movie written and directed by Shivam Adhimari is being produced by Rimesh Adhikari under Padma Kumari Films banner.

‘Dhuwani’ debut actress Sagun Shahi is a new sensation in the Nepali music video industry (watch ‘Dhuwani’ here). Sujana Dhakal is also one of the hottest actress and model in the industry. Sagun is also featured in upcoming movies like ‘Afno Manche’, ‘Thamel dot Com’ and was featured as an item girl in ‘Tiger the real Hero’.  At the time when most of the actresses are in USA and foreign countries, the burden of leading the Nepali film industry falls in new actors.

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