After Bhuwan KC, his ex-wife Sushmita to debut as a director

Actress Sushma KC (Bomjom) has decided to jump into direction. The timing of the announcement has come right after her ex-husband and the father of her son Anmol KC, actor and producer, Bhuwan KC has started directing his debut movie. There are rumors that Sushmita wants to challenge Bhuwan by showing that she can also direct movies.

sushmita bomjom 2

In response to the rumor, Sushmita has written a lengthy message in her Facebook profile explaining that she has no intention of competing with Bhuwan KC. In addition to being the father of her son, she has also told that she respect Bhuwan as her acting and movie making teacher. Full message is attached below.

Unlike Bhuwan’s movie ‘Dreams’, Sushmita will NOT feature their son Anmol KC in the leading role. But, the movie is told to be made on the story of a mother and son relationship.

After divorcing Bhuwan KC, Sushmita has also distanced from the Nepali movie industry. There were rumors of her relationship with an Indian businessman. She hasn’t made any comments on the rumor yet. She however is in constant touch with her son Anmol KC and his girlfriend, ‘Jerryy’ actress Anna Sharma (watch ‘Jerryy’ here). Sushmita is also one of the few women script writers in Nepali film industry. And, if her directoral debut goes on well, she will also be one of the very few female directors in Nepali film industry. The names of the cast and crew of her upcoming movie is not finalized yet and we are unaware of the schedule of the start of the film.

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