Does your newspaper lock it's Twitter account? is a micro-blogging platform where people can share their 140 character long messages. Politicians, celebrities, and businesses use Twitter to update their followers about the latest happenings. Newspapers usually post the headlines and links to the articles. General users use it as a tool to keep themselves updated on the topics of their interest. In addition to following, they also use it as a chat and discussion forum.

What surprised me most of Kantipur is their "official" Twitter page. What was the need to lock it?


I can understand general peo
ple locking their Twitter account. They want to make a close circle and don’t want their posts to be shared out of their community. But, what is the secret within Kantipur community? I thought newspapers are transparent and they write for the mass. May be, Kantipur’s journalism is different.

Shall I send the "follow request" ?

It is worth noting that, in the last few weeks, Kantipur started to publish random and personal twitter posts in its Friday special section. They even tried to act as "moral police" and called one of the Twitter user’s boss to complain about the twits he was posting.

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