Anuja Baniya story was fake, Prez directed for inquiry

Anuja Baniya was praised everywhere for the news about her returning a bag containing Rs. 9.1 million and a diamond necklace to the rightful owner on April 9. This news was first published in Kantipur Daily and was covered in a number of other newspapers. Even the President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav called Baniya to appreciate her deeds.

But on Friday, a question was raised on the validity of the story when Baniya requested Kathmandu Police to find out the number of Poudel. Baniya told that the number was deleted from her mobile.

The photo on the newspaper itself was a fake. Anuja is the one on the left whereas the photo on the right is that of her friend Mamata Adhikari

Kumar Baniya, cousin of Anuja, told that he couldn’t believe the story of Anuja finding money and returning it.The President´s Office had also asked Morang Chief District Officer to cross-check to find out the truth behind the incident.

The Morang’s CDO has transferred the responsibility to Sunsari’s CDO Ram Prasad Thapaliya saying the matter did not fall under his jurisdiction.

Baniya claimed that she indeed found the bag and returned it to its owner. She has appealed Poudel to come in front of public.

Poudel is said to have withdrawn the sum from IME, Itahari, and traveled to Dharan to purchase land for his daughter. However, IME Itahari´s manager Darshan Shrestha, said that nobody had withdrawn that much money from the branch since April 2.

UPDATE: Kantipur has told that the news was incorrect and has apologized for the mistake


3 thoughts on “Anuja Baniya story was fake, Prez directed for inquiry

  1. According to the news and her explanation was the same at that moment. It means she is really honest an innocent.Nepalease land is being succesed findout an honest.Really i proud of her.

  2. Our president as well as the world’s most powerful person Sir Barack Obama,Honorable president of the US, are quite innocent so as to believe the fake story in the sense that no one with the name whom the money had been delivered is found till date…

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