Don’t we have actresses in Nepal?

There are a lot of actresses and many models are opting acting as their ultimate career goal. But, the producer of ‘Dasdhunga’, Apil Bista, couldn’t find a single Nepali actress to act in his forthcoming movie ‘Namaste America’. Apil is currently in Mumbai in search of an actress who will look like a foreigner in his movie.

Does that mean we don’t have a pool of variety of actress to choose from? It is a fact, that we depend on a lot of things to foreigners… but, I never thought we would need an Indian actress to act in a Nepali movie. With beauty contests being held every now and then, there should actually be a lot of talented and versatile actress willing to start acting as their career.

Apli told that the actress in Mumbai are demanding Rs. 1.5 million for the role which is quite high as compared to the total production cost of a general Nepali movie.


Apart from producing, Apil is also planning to direct the movie. The ‘Dashdhunga’ is planned to be released in theaters next month. Apil is planning to start shooting for the new movie after the current movie goes to theaters. The movie will be shot in Kathmandu and America. The selection of other actors in the movie will be done after finalizing the actress.

The poster (credit – of the movie features New York’s skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty, and American Flag. Nothing in the poster gives an impression that it is a Nepali film (Namaste is an Indian word – as far as much of the world’s population is concerned). Anyways, good luck Apil!

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