A Nepali minister who was an Indian national

This is an old issue and I am not sure what happened afterwards. Does anybody know what the Supreme Court has ruled on the case?

It was UML’s minister for Local Development, Ram Chandra Jha, who was accused of being an Indian Citizen. The Nepali citizen certificate was found to be fake (as it was issued on Saturday, a government holiday).


Reports say that Mr. Jha is in possession of the Indian Residency Permit from Harlakhi area of Madhubani District, State of Bihar, India, issued on July 12, 2008, House Number 143. According to
the residency permit, Mr. Jha is an Indian national and his father Pulkit Jha too obviously is an Indian national.

Nepali_minister_Indian_national_Ramchandra Jha

Mr. Jha has his name registered in the Indian voter list (1983) of Harlakhi area with serial number 476 followed by his wife Sushmadevi’s with 477.

Mr. Jha also has a copy of the original Nepali citizenship certificate (no.56142205) issued on March 26, 2007 wherein it is also mentioned that his father is Pulkit Jha. The original of which was issued on 18th March 1989, a Saturday, when all government offices in Nepal are closed. It
is everybody’s guess how Mr. Jha could have been awarded Nepali citizenship on this very day.

All of Mr. Jha’s five brothers are currently living in India and are legal Indian citizens. One of his brother, Madanchandra Jha, who illegally obtained his Nepali Citizenship certificate later returned it to the Nepal Government with the fear of being nabbed by Nepal authorities.

Mr. Ramchandra Jha is a central committee member of the Nepal Communist Party-United Marxist Leninist for the last ten years.

A Maoist leader had filed a case in the Supreme Court to disqualify the Parliament membership of Ramchandra Jha, claiming that he has acquired Nepali citizen though illegal means though he is an Indian citizen.

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