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kaslai diu yo jowan-1There is an old saying in our society that to hide a lie we have to speak hundreds of lies. This is what we can get in the movie Kaslai Diun Yo Joban directed by young and talented director Suresh Darpan Pokharel. Movie is released inside Kathmandu valley from today i.e. December 17, 2010. An old Indian wine in a new Nepali bottle. That sums up Kaslai Diun Yo Joban, directed by Suresh Darpan Pokharel and produced by Kedar Parajuli, Bhanu Acharya and Krishna Shrestha.

If you are a great fan of small screen’s channels like Colors and Star Gold then you may remember a movie titled, Sandwich, featuring Govinda, Raveena Tondon and Mahima Chaudhary. That was one of the movie frequently shown in those channels. If you have watched this movie than second half of Kaslai Diun Yo Joban will make you bore because you will start saying the coming up scene of the movie. And if you have not watched that movie than Kaslai Diun Yo Joban will be a perfect movie to entertain and this movie will guarantee you to make smile. In short you will get new story on first half of the movie and after interval you will get almost all the plots of the movie Sandwich and some scene of the movie Sajaan Chale Sasural with some changes to insert Nepali touch.

The movie starts from a village of Nepal. Ghanasyam (Dilip Raymajhi) who is simple and good person gets married with Melina  Manandhar. And after 3 days of their marriage Melina falls from a hill and dies. Than due to the pressure of family economic condition Ghanasyam moves to city Kathmandu along with his friend played by Suraj R.D. At Kathmandu they meet Jharna Thapa who is a single daughter of a rich father who was killed by his own manager. When manager tries to kidnap Jharna to get married, Ghanasyam and Suraj saves her from them. Ghanashyam and Jharna fall in love and get married. Than entry of inspector Surya played by Nikhil Upreti enters. Police force handles Nikhil to investigate and catch the murderer of Jharna’s father. Usha played by Saujanya Subbha also gets involved in this case with Nikhil.

Nikhil brings back Ghanasyam’s first wife in his life which brings a big problem in his life. Ghanasyam tries to keep secret of his two marriages among his both wives. He had to struggle hard to keep this secret and starts telling lots of lies to hide a single lie. But lastly mystery gets opened and Nikhil also gets the criminal in his hand.

The story of this movie is similar to Sandwich after interval which is a negative part of the movie. Many scenes of the movie are similar to that movie along with dialogues too. Only the difference you will get is Nikhil Upreti who can be seen in this movie. But we can get more positive parts on this movie in context of Nepali movies scenario. Music of the movie is superb. Basanta Sapkota has given his best on all the songs of this movie. One of the songs from this movie Maya Ma had already won the hearts of music lovers. Another good part of the movie is camera work, editing. Good job by cameraman and editor. But action scenes of the movie are not so good. As director had tried to present action scenes in new style but is not perfect. Director had to work more hard especially on background music during the action scenes.

As a whole, director Suresh Darpan Pokharel had done an excellent job in this movie. He had tried his best to bring the best acting potentials from all the actors. But the story of the movie makes you feel bore. As there is lacking of comedy movies in Nepal, Suresh had tried to start trend of comedy from this movie which is appreciable. But we hope to see the potential of Suresh in his next ventures with new scripts.

In short if you had already watched the movie Sandwich than you movie will be wasted as after interval you will get to watch that movie with Nepali actors and melodious music. If you had not watched that movie than this movie will be a perfect movie for this weekend for entertainment.

Review by – Raunak 

Editor Note: This is an unedited copy of the first look of the movie Kaslai Diun Yo Joban.

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  1. Iam very glad and full support to our cultural movie and hope there is interesting fact in the movie that can developed our country and in future hope the more interesting film will be produce and a prey for you to go ahead.

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