Gopi Krishna Movies case study – Do high class Nepali love Nepali movies?

Editor’s Note: This article is one of the fact-check analyses for the “Who loves Nepali Movies?” article series. The case study of Guna Cinema and case study of Big Cinema were previously published. All photos by Raunak.

So-called high class Nepali don’t go to theaters to watch Nepali movies. They say Nepali movies are only for low and lower-middle class people. Why is that?

It is because our theaters practice preferencial treatment to Nepali and Hindi movies! Who would like to be guest to somebody who is so unwelcoming?

Gopi Krishna Movies is one of the biggest multiplex movie theaters in Nepal. Apart from theaters, Gopi Krishna Movies is also engaged in production of Nepali movies. They have been producing at least two movies every year. Like Guna Cinema, Gopi Krishna movies is also directly involved in the betterment of Nepali movies.

Does Gopi Krishna Movies loves Nepali movies?

  • Nepali movies featured in theaters with torn and damaged seats
  • Customer sometimes are forced to watch their home production movie
  • They filter competition when they are featuring home production. Said that, we can safely assume the owner’s friend and families get preferential treatment on holdovers too.

Gopi Krishna has 7 theaters. Out of them, Meera and Radha feature most of the Nepali movies. Recently released movie Dharma, featuring Manisha Koirala, was shown in Radha. The seats shown in Photo 1, is an example of the seats in the theater. Majority of the seats of the theatre are torn and broken. Based on the talents of the crew members and star-casting, the movie was expected to do a very good business, but it wasn’t as successful as expected. We can’t blame the seats, but it would have been better if they could screen such hopeful movies in a better theatre.

Photo 1: Torn seats in Gopi Krishna Movies.

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Sujata Koirala says, she can publish anything in media

This is my second post about Sujata – and second time I am telling "I don’t like writing about politics." But, Sujata has such an ability that I can’t help without writing about her.

Sujata challenged the media to prove the allegations that her son-in-law Rubel Choudhory and also told that she can publish anything in newspaper.

Sujata told, "Anybody can write anything. Even I can write anything against you."

Well, can she? Isn’t that a serious issue – a serious allegation to Nepali media?

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First Look – Kaslai Diun yo Joban

There is an old saying in our society that to hide a lie we have to speak hundreds of lies. This is what we can get in the movie Kaslai Diun Yo Joban directed by young and talented director Suresh Darpan Pokharel. Movie is released inside Kathmandu valley from today i.e. December 17, 2010. An old Indian wine in a new Nepali bottle. That sums up Kaslai Diun Yo Joban, directed by Suresh Darpan Pokharel and produced by Kedar Parajuli, Bhanu Acharya and Krishna Shrestha.

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Mero Cinema Popular Award – Voting going on for the winner

A new experiment in Nepali movie industry, a website, merocinema had announced an online award on December 3rd, 2010. After the nomination round, the public voting is going on for the selection of the winners. The final winner will be announced in January.

The nomination for the best movie are:

  • Kohi Mero
  • Dashdhunga
  • Baato Muniko Phool
  • Desh
  • First Love

    In the similar manner, there are 17 categories and the completion is among 39 movies released in the year 2010 form January t
    o November. Please visit to vote for your favorite choice in each categories. A person can only vote once in each category on a given day.

    With due respect and support to the award ceremony, I have some reservation on the fairness in popular votes method to choose the winner. A latest example is the Time person of the year selection. Time magazine asked its readers to select the person of the year – the Wikileaks founder was leading by a vast majority of popular votes. But, the final announcement was different from what everybody expected – the Facebook guy Mark Zuckerberg won the Time Person of the Year.