Sujata Koirala says, she can publish anything in media

sujata-koirala-file-photo This is my second post about Sujata – and second time I am telling "I don’t like writing about politics." But, Sujata has such an ability that I can’t help without writing about her.

Sujata challenged the media to prove the allegations that her son-in-law Rubel Choudhory and also told that she can publish anything in newspaper.

Sujata told, "Anybody can write anything. Even I can write anything against you."

Well, can she? Isn’t that a serious issue – a serious allegation to Nepali media?


A few unanswered questions are raised by the latest statement of the Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal.

  • Are Nepali media so irresponsible?
  • Do they publish fabricated news provided by politicians?
  • Has Sujata used media in her benefits previously? If not, how can she be confident in telling it?
  • Sujata being in the top-most post in the country, why isn’t she taking any legal action against the media that publish misleading news?
  • It is not the first time Sujats has proved her stupidity. Why do people trust such a talk-head in the top-most post in the country?

Bangladeshi national, Sujata son-in-law, Rubel Choudhory, is accused of being involved in illegal activities including VOIP call by-pass and issuance of Nepali passports to Bangladeshi nationals exploiting the influence of his mother-in-law Sujata Koirala. Some think, Rishi Dhamala, who acts as a mouthpiece of Sujata, is responsible in publishing news as per her wishes.

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