Loot 2 review – Entertaining movie

UPDATE : Watch ‘Loot 2’ the full movie here.

One of the most awaited Nepali movies ‘Loot 2’ was released on this Friday, February 24, 2016 (Read ‘Loot 2’ Release news). The success of the original ‘Loot’ had increased the expectations and desire in the viewers. That is the reason, most of the prospective viewers ask, “Is ‘Loot 2’ as good as ‘Loot’?” The answer to the question is not easy. Some think it is better than the original but, others think that it is not. Everybody agree that the movie entertaining and it could have been made better. Here is the detailed review of ‘Loot 2’ by Saurav Raj Tiwari:

Film Name – Loot 2
Star Cast – Sautat Mall, Dayahang Rai, Reecha Sharma, Karma Shakya, Prateek Raj Neupane, Sushil Raj Pandey etc.
Director – Nischal Basnet

‘Loot 2’ Story

The original movie ‘Loot’ was was made and released before earthquake and Indian blockade and was about bank robbery. The movie ‘Loot 2’ is set at the time of the Indian blockade, after the earthquake of 2015. In the movie, four of the characters Gofle (Dayahang Rai), Nare (Karma), Deban (Prateek) and Pandey (Sushil) run away from the jail right after the earthquake. The fugitive four are in search of Haku Kale (Saugat Malla) believing that Haku Kale was the cause of their arrest.
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Jhola – Movie Review

UPDATE – Full movie Watch ‘Jhola’ here.

Nepali movie ‘Jhola’ is a movie made on a popular book by the same name by literary figure, Krishna Dharabasi. The plot set on the Nepali society of the time about a century ago. The movie directed by Yadav Kumar Bhattarai features Garima Pant, Desh Bhakta Khanal, Deepak Chhetri, Laxmi Giri, Pralhad Khatiwada etc. in main roles. The movie made on the banner of Media for Culture Pvt. Ltd. was made after an extensive research on the topic for about 7 years. Based on the novel, late Deepak Alok had written the script of the movie – keeping the core of the book intact. The movie can be categorized as a historical art movie.


The movie presents the height of violence against women in ancient Nepal – Sati tradition. In ‘Jhola’ an young woman (Garima Pant) is married to a man 40 years senior to her. When her husband dies, Garima is burned alive with the dead body of her husband. She escaped the fire and hides in a cave. You can watch the movie to know what happens to Garima and how her underage son helps her.

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Movie Review – The Last Kiss

We had previously posted – Pre-release review of The Last Kiss and a Nepali article about the movie’s Censor Board tussle and our assumption (wrong) that the movie would be ‘sexy’ (in Nepali).

As we have mentioned in the pre-release review, this movie is an addition to movies following the new business success mantra of Nepali movie industry – sex. Released all over Nepal ‘The Last Kiss’ uses sex scenes and vulgar words to attract young people in the theater. The movie is produced by Yuvraj Khatri and directed by BB Phuyal and features Sovita Simkhada, Puskar Jung Thapa and Suresh Chaudhary in the leading roles. The censor board has granted adult certificate, not suitable for the viewers 16 years old or younger.


‘The Last Kiss’ has a suspense story. Movie starts with the death of a couple who had visited a forest for a romantic union. Another couple, Akash and Arya, went to the same forest to celebrate their first anniversary. A gang led by a character named Michael kills Akash but, their attempt to kill Arya was unsuccessful. The whole movie is about how Arya sought revenge from Michael and his gang. I don’t want to spoil the movie viewing experience by unveiling the real suspense of why Aakash was killed. 

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Movie Reviews – case study of Nepali movie Swor

As I had already talked on previous article about how Nepali reviewers review movies. And I also wrote about how is it done. During the release of the movie Swor, my notion about the irresponsibility of Nepali reviewers proved right.

Different newspapers published reviews of Swor and they tried their best to create to discourage audience not to watch the movie. I am not saying that those reporters did wrong reviews. They were were right in their point of views. They did their best to show all the negative points of the movie.

Most of the reporters were able to point most of the negative points of the movie. My thumbs up to the reporters whose reporting helped the director of the movie, Prasanna Poudel in realizing the weakness of his movie.

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Movie Review – Bato Muni Ko Phool – deserving movie made a victim

Full movie is posted here

Nepali feature film Bato Muni Ko Phul was released on 29 November 2010 all over Nepal. Bato Muni Ko Phul features Nepali singers Yash Kumar and Babu Bogati along with actresses Rekha Thapa and Nandita KC.

In this movie, Yash Kumar has attempted to show the problem faced by the lower caste people in our society. The movie had done the justice in all aspects. Although, this movie is not hundred percent perfect and a lot of negative aspects can be found in this movie, the presentation and the story of the movie are very good. In the context to Nepali film industry and Nepali society, the movie is can be considered a to have a good impact in the society.

As usual, after watching Bato Muni Ko Phul, I went through all the reviews published on daily newspapers, websites, and other Medias. Most of the reviews are positive and everyone had appreciated the movie.

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Movie Reviews – How do Nepali reviewers review movies?

Note: This article follows the previous article – Movie review – How is it done? in which Raunak has talked about how a good review is written. In this article, Raunak is analyzing some Nepali movie reviews.

At the time when Hindi movie Ravaan featuring Avisekh Bacchan and Aiswarya Rai was released (June 18, 2010), Nepali daily Kantipur published a review of the movie after a few days of the release. The review mentioned that the movie also featured Manisha Koirala and Govinda. The article appreciated their role even if they appeared briefly in the movie. I had watched the movie on June 19 (before the review was published) so I had to ask a friend for the DVD of the movie to confirm the error in the film review. There was no mention of Manisha in casting and she never appeared in the movie.

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Movie Review – how is it done?

I am not much sure about the Nepali viewers but, in India and Hollywood, viewers first read the reviews of newly released movies in newspapers or websites before going to theaters. The movie with good rating and reviews help in its promotion. That is one of the reasons review writers enjoy huge respect in the film industry. Many of the movie promos and advertisements also feature ratings and newspaper reviews. A review serves the viewers to spend their time and money wisely in the movie they prefer to watch.

Review writing is not an easy task. Before writing a review, the reviewer needs to know some basics of movies. Although, there aren’t any standards, rules or formula for review writing, some of the basic concepts. I once had a chance to chat with an Indian review writer, Taran Adarsh, of India Fm. I am indebted to Taran for the short and sweet tips on review writing.

I asked, “What are the necessary things to write movie review? And, what do you try to find on the movie when you go to watch?”

Taran replied, via email:

  • The first thing, the reviewer should have contacts with the film makers to ask how they have made the movie. They would give the information about how they are doing the publicity of the movie. The reviewers will also know the expectations of the film makers from their viewers. Knowing the history of the crew members might be unnecessary as the reviewer should be writing about the movie not about the crew members.
  • The second thing, the reviewer should watch the movie. While watching, the reviewer should judge if the movie fulfills its theme or not. The movie should have all those stuffs as said by promos and the crew members like directors.

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First Look – Kaslai Diun yo Joban

There is an old saying in our society that to hide a lie we have to speak hundreds of lies. This is what we can get in the movie Kaslai Diun Yo Joban directed by young and talented director Suresh Darpan Pokharel. Movie is released inside Kathmandu valley from today i.e. December 17, 2010. An old Indian wine in a new Nepali bottle. That sums up Kaslai Diun Yo Joban, directed by Suresh Darpan Pokharel and produced by Kedar Parajuli, Bhanu Acharya and Krishna Shrestha.

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