Friday Release – Mission 4 Twenty and Kasto Tension

This week on Friday, June 21, two new Nepali movies have released in theater. Releasing movies at the time when the FIFA World Cup is running, is considered risky decision. On top of that, the movie released last week, ‘Mukhauta’ team have also accused FIFA World Cup being one of the reasons of low turn in in theaters. In that context, the risk movies ‘Mission 4 Twenty’ and ‘Kasto Tension’ have taken is considerable.

Both the movies are made on the story of the current day youths and targeted to young audience. And, they both feature hot actresses who are open to showing skin. Actress Mahima Silwal of ‘Mission 4 Twenty’ is known for open talk about her sex life and hot photo session. The actresses duo of the other movie are also known for their open view in sex and skin show.

monika dahal, beenita ghimire mahima silwal friday release

Mission 4 Twenty

The movie by a successful and experienced director Dayaram Dahal, ‘Mission 4 Twenty’ is produced by a journalist Kumar Bista. The director Dahal and Madil Shrestha have also invested money in the movie. The movie features Suman Singh, Mahima Silwal, Sunil Thapa, Rajaram Poudel, Rabindra Khadka, Nirmal Sharma, Nirmal Senchuri, Krishti Poudel etc. in main roles. The movie featuring a story of struggling youths features action of Roshan Shrestha, cinematography of Shyam Rayamajhi.

Kasto Tension

Another new release featuring two hot actresses Binita Ghimire and Monika Dahal is directed by Shiva Ghimire. The movie is made on the story of youth in the current social and psychological environment. The movie produced jointly by Krishna Baniya and Narayan Mainali features music of Rajendra Shrestha, action of Samrat Basnet and written by the producer Narayan Mainali.

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